Taking her cues from nature, environmental textile/fiber artist Sandra Adams creates eco-friendly fiber art forms that bring a harmony of hues and textures into your rooms, reflecting the outside world within.

Defining the essence of space, whether in your home or workplace, is a process of discovery and should reflect your truest feelings about what is important to you. The way those spaces work together makes all the difference whether you’re relaxing, playing or working—ultimately affecting your emotions, health and productivity.

Sandra works with you to make the most of your space, designing environments that reveal your unique personality. She works to closely align your living and workspaces with the individual way you experience the world. Sandra has learned to use nature as her guide when choosing and putting together materials and art forms for her client’s interior rooms.

Design Consultation
Renovation and Style Changes:
   Mixing the old with new
Invention of a Room:
   Lifestyle changes
Discovering the Use of Color & Texture
   Lending character to a space
Common Threads:
   Tying it together
Art and Antique Acquisition