Sandra considers both your personal and your practical needs when she helps create the ideal garden and/or outdoor space for you. After all, gardens are an extension and expression of your persona. Each of us is uniquely different, so your outdoor space should reflect this.

Outdoor space plays an important role in the overall enjoyment of one’s home. In fact, landscapes and houses go hand in hand. A house’s walls, once constructed, defines and delineates that home’s indoor and outdoor environments. The ability to effortlessly flow from one to the other makes the difference in how we relate to those spaces, use them and, ideally, enjoy them.

Employing her signature, eco-friendly, textile/fabric art technique of felting (imagine textile art in your garden!), Sandra designs for a wide range of tastes and styles. She works with you individually to create just the right outdoor solution that blends harmoniously with the rest of your home.

Please click on our galleries to view a sample of her projects. You may find the inspiration for a design she can create just for your garden!

Getting Started:
   Design consultation and evaluation
Growing a Garden:
   Identification of plants
Sowing the Seed:
   Plant selection and/or installation
Garden Restoration:
   Blending the old and new
Children’s Gardens:
   Teach them young
Container Gardening:
   Beyond summer: Seasonal themes
Resources and Connections:
   Architectural elements for the garden

As you discover the joys of gardening, Sandra suggests the following to spark an idea or two:

Observe nature very closely—a rose’s vibrant, satin petals; the curly leaves of a green fern; the rough bark of an elm tree.

Decide what in nature excites, soothes or invigorates you (or all three).

Incorporate those same elements of nature into your garden.