As an artist, I wish to support the creativity of others. By honoring the work of my friends and colleagues, I not only get to share them with you, but I am able to thank them for their inspiration and role in making the world a better and more creative place to live in.

I hope you will enjoy the diversity of art and resources that will be showcased at The Nature of Things.


Teachers, Mentors and Collegues
Joy Boutrop
Sharon Costello:
Tammy L. Deck:
India Flint:
Mehmet Girgic:
Chad Alice Hagen:
May Jacobsen Hvistendahl:
Dana Killion:
Ewa Kuniczak, Scotland:
Theresa May-O’Brien:
Jeannette Sandler, Scotland:
Pat Sparks:
Polly Sterling:
Yoskiko Iwamoto Wada
Chris White:

Midwest Felting Symposium, July 2008
Judit Pocs Hungarian Felter


American Craft Council
Member, See "Sandra Adams Portfolios"

AIBI (Apparel Industry Board)

(not-for-profit group of felt artists from around the world)

International Year of the Natural Fiber

Chicago Artists' Coalition
70 E. Lake St. Suite 230, Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 781-0040

Surface Design Association

International Feltmakers’ Associatio

Handweaver’s Guild of America

North American Felters’ Network





Second Skin: choosing and caring for textiles and clothing
By India Flint
Murdock Books Pty Limited, 2011

Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Textiles
by India Flint
Murdoch Books Pty Limited .2008

Memory on Cloth by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Kodansha International, 2002

Fundamentals of Feltmaking by Patricia Spark, Shuttle Craft Books, 1989

The Art of Feltmaking by Anne Einset Vickrey, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 1997

New Directions for Felt an Ancient Craft by Gunila Paetau Sjoberg as translated by Pat Spark, Interweave Press, Loveland, Co, 1996

North American Felters Network Newsletter, Quarterly published by Pat Spark, 1-541-926-1095

Echoes, The Journal of the International Feltmakers Association, quarterly, published in England

Surface: Fashion.Design.Architecture Published By Quadra Media LLC

American Craft