As a young girl, Sandra grew up in a home surrounded by beautiful fabrics and fibers. This was understandable as her mother was a dressmaker, and her father a haberdasher. In fact, both Sandra’s Mediterranean history as well as her home environment created opportunities to continually experiment with textiles of all kinds. Simultaneously, she discovered the incredible beauty of plants and developed a keen fascination with gardening. The color, texture and form found in fabrics and fiber, together with her family’s cherished gardens, began to influence how she related to her environment as well as her choice of daily activities.

Today, Sandra’s newfound passion is to glean from nature its intricate design elements, and in doing so weave the outdoors into fibers and fabrics. Sandra works to create textiles that become windows to the natural world. Her expressions manifest themselves in colorful and highly textural offerings for you, your home, your outdoor garden areas and even your workplace.

Sandra wishes to share with you what she has learned along her journey...

  • I believe the essence of nature can be found in all things.

  • I believe nature is peaceful and soothing. With that in mind, I desire to imbue your indoor and outdoor spaces with its wonderful elements.

  • The relationship between beauty and nature provides an endless outlet for expressing personal taste and style.

  • Nature is a teacher. I am merely the facilitator and artist. I can offer you sage advice, yet your ideas and involvement should be the guide to your piece's success.