Environmental artist and landscape designer Sandra Adams founded The Nature of Things to bring nature and human environments together in a new, energetic and rejuvenating fashion. Sandra sees design in nature, then responds to nature’s visual cues to produce highly organic, contemporary artworks for the individual as well as the home, garden, even work spaces.

Sandra’s medium is actually one of the oldest fabrication techniques known to man, called felting.

Adapting this ancient technique to contemporary, eco-friendly textile/fiber art, Sandra produces beautiful wearable and decorative pieces, including shawls, purses, journal covers, pillows, throws, sculptures and more.

To put it simply, Sandra believes that, “The essence of nature can be found in all things, “ and she describes the mission of The Nature of Things as follows:

  • To discover new applications for art in order to enhance people’s relationship with the natural world; to be receptive to the infinite design influences found in nature; to enhance our relationship with it.

  • To enliven human environments by introducing strong aesthetic and tactile elements that both please the senses as well as ensure form, function and comfort.

  • To extend the beauty of nature and its power to the way we live and work.

  • To create artistic pieces that use recycled, salvaged and sustainable materials from nature, and to borrow from its rich tapestry of patterns, textures and colors.

  • To develop tactile material forms that both integrate with and complement modern technology.

  • To engage the imagination; to infuse art into the way we live.


Through her company, The Nature of Things, environmental, textile and landscape artist Sandra Adams creates wearable art for you, your garden as well as your living and workspaces. Her work can be viewed on her gallery page as well as in select galleries and shows around the country, and purchased by contacting her directly.

Learn more about the artist behind The Nature of Things. Taking her cues from nature, Sandra Adams has discovered limitless ways to weave nature into fibers and fibers into gardens.

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